Recycled Isopropyl Alcohol

Recycled Isopropyl Alcohol Isoproply alcohol (IPA)has wide range of applications on mechanical industries and Pharmaceuticals.During the outbreak of Covid-19,IPA demand rapidly increased in all kinds of disinfections. Due to the tight supply and much higher price, many ink and paint producers would like to choose recycled IPA to relieve the pressure of supply shortage and…

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Isoparaffin cleaning

Isoparaffins for industrial cleaning application

Traditionally, the solvents used in industrial cleaning including: 1. Petroleum solvents: gasoline, kerosene, diesel; 2. Aromatic solvents: benzene, toluene, xylene; 3. Halogenated hydrocarbons: dichloromethane, tetrachloroethylene, chloroform; 4. Alcohol and ether solvents: methanol, ethanol, isopropanol, ether; 5. Ester and ketone solvents: ethyl acetate, acetone, methyl ethyl ketone; 6. Alcohol ether solvents: diethylene glycol methyl ether, diethylene…

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PVC lubricant

Normally, there two types of lublicant for PVC indutry, internal and external lubricant. An internal lubricant is with good performance at: 1.Reducing heat in production process; 2.Give lower melt viscosity; 3.Postpone gelation; 4.Improve flow charateristics. While an external lubricant supporting following performance: 1.Delay gelation; 2.Improve gloss; 3.Reduce friction; 4.Provide release properties. For PVC process, Internal…

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Trade name : Diisobutyl ketone(DIBK) Chemical name of the compound: 2,6-dimethyl-4-heptanone Physical properties: DIBK is Colorless, low-density, slow-volatile solvent with good activity on many synthetic resins. Including nitrocellulose, rosin esters, phenolic resins, hydrocarbon resins, alkyd resins, polyester and acrylic resins. Applications of Diisobutyl ketone: Diisobutyl ketone is a widely used solvent in chemical industrial. It…

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lithium hydroxide

Applications & Production of Lithium hydroxide

Lithium hydroxide (molecular formula: LiOH) is a hydroxide of lithium, corrosive, and smells pungent. It appears crystal at room temperature, easily soluble in water, slightly soluble in ethanol. And it has two states: anhydrous and monohydrate. Here is some of the key applications: 1.Grease Industries With great flow freely ability, Lithium hydroxide is suitable for…

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China N-propanol Review in 2019

N-Propanol is transparent liquid, with alcohol flavor and melting point -126.2℃, boiling point 97.2 ℃. N-Propanol can be miscible with various solvents such as water, alcohol, ether, hydrocarbon, etc. It can be used directly as a solvent, or it can be used as a solvent after the synthesis of n-propyl acetate. The chemical properties of…

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