Connecting 300+ Chinese chemical enterprises with good demand for material. Our SCM experience will be the key for your success.


We have sourcing experience for 10+ years, and our producer data system make it efficient to bridge buyer
with supplier.


Customized payment term for our partners, support seller to receive payment earlier, while for buyer to receive raw
material faster.


Selected logistic partners and efficient logistics solutions, help our partners to save cost and make sure deliveries
according to schedule.

Me-too Solution

With our strong technical background, we are offering me-too solution to many oversea enterprises. Customers can buy the same quality product with only 70% cost even less.

Tolling Manufacture

Offering services such as process R&D, process optimization, CRO and CDMO, and with full capability from lab research, pilot to industrial scale production.

Why chose us

Professionals from different industries, such as coatings, textiles, polymers, water treatment, dyeing and printing, daily chemicals and pharmaceutical.

International Business 16 years
Sourcing Service 12 years
Logistic Service 10 years
Distrubution Service 9 years

Our Partners

ADDTEK CHEMICAL are with professionals with 15+ years’ experience, and connecting 500+ excellent chemical enterprises, serving clients from 20+ countries and area.