Products Description

WACKER® E 3560CN is an oil-in-water polydimethylsiloxane emulsion, with white appearance, and suitable for use in cold process.
WACKER® E 3560 CN has excellent release properties, comparing to other silicone release agents, while emulsion products are more stable and easier to use.

WACKER® E 3560 CN is a general release agent and glazing agent, that combines excellent adhesion to many different undersides and enhances the base’s resistance to detergent attack and weathering. In high-speed rotary printing, WACKER® E 3560 CN improves the heat resistance of the web and reduces the sensitivity to shearing; it imparts good anti-stick properties to the web and helps against mechanical stress.
WACKER® E 3560 CN reduces surface tension and is easy to handle in aqueous systems. This product improves dispersibility and weatherability without compromising rinsing performance.
WACKER®E 3560CN is much used as Napping agent in textile indutry.

Packed in 200kg drums.