Products Description

WACKER® AK 10 SILICONE FLUID is a linear, non-reactive polydimethylsiloxane with a viscosity of approx. 10mm²/s, polymerization from dimethylpolysiloxane.
WACKER® AK 10 is with features of low surface tension and high dispersion. Since the polymer of dimethyl siloxane is very flexible, it has good flexibility and slipperiness.

The low viscosity WACKER® AK 10 can improve the dispersion performance of the product, improve the gloss, reduce the stickiness of the formulation system, and improve the lubrication.
WACKER® AK 10 is also suitable for the production of defoamers, strippers, mineral oil additives, lubricating oils, dust-proof oils, dielectric fluids and heat carriers, processing insulators and other chemical industries.
Due to its low surface tension and high dispersion, the product can be used directly as a defoamer, such as defoaming in the desulfurization section of power plants.

Packed in 200KG drums,
Can be packed as buyer’s customs