Trimellitic anhydride

Products Description

Melting point:163-166 °C(lit.)
Boiling point:390 °C
Density 1.54
TMA is mainly used to produce plasticizer such as TOTM, polyester resin for powder coating, polyamide-imide resin for insulating varnish (wire enamel), water-soluble alkyd resin coating, epoxy curing agent, lubricant, etc.

1)Trimellitic anhydride is an inexpensive and practical curing agent which enables the epoxy resin to be cured in a short time and the cured epoxy resin has excellent physicochemical properties.
2)It can also be used to produce polyester resin and powder coatings, widely used in places with high decorative and anti-corrosion requirements such as home appliances.
3)Used as heat-resistant insulating laminates, synthetic dyes, heat-resistant varnishes, stabilizers, fiber softeners, pigments, water treatment agents, film and surfactants, etc.

1) Packed in 25kg/bag.1000KGS/Pallet.24000KGS/FCL.
2) Packed in 500 kg/bag.40 bags only.20000KGS/FCL.