Titanium Dioxide Anatase

Products Description

Beside brookite and rutile titanium dioxide, Anatase is the third mineral forms. It is always found as small, isolated and sharply developed crystals, and like rutile, a more commonly occurring modification of titanium dioxide, it crystallizes in the tetragonal system.
Insoluble in water, dilute acids, organic acids, and dilute alkalis.

Titanium Dioxide Anatase is applied in:
– Plastics
Outdoor Furniture, Appliances, Fibers, Plastic Bags & Boxes
– Specialty
Food, Cosmetics, Ceramic finish coat, welding rod fluxes, as a catalyst
​– Paint pigment, optical coatings,printing inks, roofing granules, glass, and in glazes.

Titanium Dioxide Anatase is normally packed:
by 25 kgs bag
by 500 kgs / 1000 kgs bag
other packaging solutions possible by agreement