Products Description

Chemical Composition: Acetylenic Diol in Polyethylene Glycol
Nonionic, silicone-free, APE-free, non-silicone liquid defoamer based on Acetylenic Diol for aqueous systems with excellent defoaming and de-airentraining function. It helps eliminating microfoams and is highly compatible with dynamic wetting agents in aqueous systems without common side-effects. Recommended for use in waterborne coatings, inks, adhesives, pigment dispersions, agricultural chemicals, metal working fluids, latex dipping and ore floatation etc.

Surfacol-DF110C defoamer functions as an anti-foamer and shows good defoaming longevity. It is highly compatible with acrylic as well as styrene-acrylic emulsions as well as water soluble resins. Formulated With dynamic wetting Acetylenic Glycol, Surfacol-DF110C minimizes appearance of surface defects such as fish eyes and pinholes usually associated with conventional defoamers.
Same application as Surfynol-DF110C (Air Products & Evonik)

General Dosage & Instruction
Ÿ General use levels at 0.1% – 0.5% based on total formulation.
Ÿ Adding surfactant at early stage of formulation for better dissolution.
Ÿ Moderate agitation for minimum 15-30 minutes for maximum mixing.
Ÿ Addition to the coating as supplied or as a pre-dilution is possible.
Ÿ Addition to the grind is recommended in pigmented systems.
Ÿ Applying ladder study for optimal dosage and conditions of addition.

20 kg iron pails or 200 kg plastic drums.