Surfacol 465

Products Description

Surfacol 465
Higher ethoxylation improves compatibility and solubility in water with low foaming tendency. Surfacol-465 shows higher electrolyte concentration tolerance and its higher cloud point allows applications under higher temperature, providing good dynamic wetting properties in functional coatings, inkjet inks, pressure-sensitive adhesives, fountain solutions, latex dipping, agricultural chemicals, metal working fluid and electroplating etc.
Same application as Surfynol-465 (Air Products & Evonik)

100% active, nonionic, silicone-free, APE-free, FDA compliant.
Low foaming Dynamic Wetting Agent for reducing dynamic surface tension in waterborne systems including coatings, inks, adhesives, pigment dispersions, dispersed dyes, agricultural chemicals and ore floatation etc.

Chemical Composition of Surfacol 465
100% Ethoxylated Acetylenic Diol
Degree of ethoxylation is approximately 10 moles