Surfacol 104

Products Description

Nonionic, silicone-free, APE-free.
Non-foaming Dynamic Wetting Agent for reducing dynamic surface tension in waterborne systems including coatings, inks, adhesives, pigment dispersions, dispersed dyes, agricultural chemicals and ore floatation etc.
CAS 126-86-3

Due to limited solubility, Surfacol-104 is mostly dissolved in solvents like ethylene glycol at 35 – 65% for application. These solvent cuts are recommended in high speed waterborne applications which require low dynamic surface tension providing good wetting properties while controlling foam issues such as coatings, inks, overprint vanish, fountain solutions, pressure sensitive adhesives and laminating adhesives, pigment and dye dispersions, rubber compounding and emulsion polymerization etc. It is especially suitable for aqueous acrylic or styrene-acrylic emulsion applications.
Same application as Surfynol-104 (Air Products & Evonik)

General Dosage & Instruction
Ÿ General use levels at 0.1% – 3% based on total formulation.
Ÿ Adding surfactant at early stage of formulation for better dissolution.
Ÿ Moderate agitation for minimum 15-30 minutes for maximum mixing.
Ÿ Addition to the coating as supplied or as a pre-dilution is possible.
Ÿ Addition to the grind is recommended in pigmented systems.
Ÿ Applying ladder study for optimal dosage and conditions of addition.

20 kg iron pails or 180 kg plastic drums.