Mixed Solvent

Products Description

50% Methoxy Propanol Acetate CAS 108-65-6
50% Ethyl 3-ethoxypropionate CAS 763-69-9
Molecular Weight: 145-147
Specific Gravity:0.95-0.97
Boiling Point:165-172℃
A mixed solvent is a product in which two or more solvents mixed together according to a certain rule.

Mixed Solvent can be usd as solvent for paints, varnishes, inks. Also metal degreasers, pesticide dispersants.
Mixing two solvents (including water) having different solubility properties and different application ranges greatly improve the solubility of the solutions because of their mutual influence, so that the advantages of the respective solvents are fully exerted to dissolve and dissolve more effectively. Remove all kinds of dirt.

1) ISO Tank Packing: 21000KGS/Tank.
2) Drum Packing:200kg/drum.80 drums/FCL.16000KGS/FCL.