Methyl ethyl ketone(MEK)

Products Description

Other name: 2-butanone
Melting point:-87 °C
Boiling point:80 °C(lit.)
Density 0.806
Methyl ethyl ketone (MEK), also known as methyl ethyl ketone or 2-butanone, is an excellent organic solvent with excellent solubility and drying properties.

MEK can be used for various natural resins such as rosin, camphor, etc.

1) Methyl ethyl ketone is compatible with a wide range of hydrocarbon solvents and is widely used in industrial sectors such as magnetic tape, synthetic leather, paints, adhesives and inks.
2) Also be used as a solvent for deluxing and paraffin deoiling of refined lubricating oils for the production of chemical products such as methyl ethyl ketone peroxide.
3) Widely used as a fragrance, catalyst, anti-skinning agent, antioxidant and corrosion inhibitor, etc.

1) Packed in 165 KGS/drum,80 drums/FCL.13200KGS/FCL
2) Packed in ISO Tanks,18500 KGS/Tank Packing.