Isoparaffin is a series of Hydrocarbons fluid, used in process solvent, metal working, agricultural chemical formulations, polymers processing, cleaning agents and coatings.

Products Description

Isoparaffin series including Isoparaffin G, Isoparaffin H, Isoparaffin L, Isoparaffin LM and Isoparaffin M.
And High-purity synthetic isoparaffin solvents, narrowest boiling ranges for hydrocarbon fluids.

Use in industry of cleaning, painting, printing, the manufacture of wallpaper and photocopying.
Based on its good performance, Isoparaffin are used as solvents, dispersants, diluents and carriers for many applications.
Also widely used in printing ink, anticorrosive oil, dry cleaning oil, industry cleaning and oilfield & mineral survey.

Isoparaffin can be packed in iron drums or isotank.
Customized packing is avaiable against requirement.