Di(propylene glycol) methyl ether acetate

Products Description

Chemical name:DPMA
Boiling point: 200 °C(lit.)
Flash point: 186 °F
Density:0.97 g/mL at 25 °C(lit.)
DPMA is colorless, transparent, low-toxic, slightly etheric, flammable liquid for solvent-based coatings and screen printing inks.

1)DPMA is a colorless, low-toxic liquid that is completely miscible with water, miscible with a large amount of organic solvents, and has good solvent properties for many substances. It can be used in coatings, detergents, cosmetics:
• Provide good solvency for a variety of resins.
• Slow volatilization, suitable for baking process.
• Miscible with water.
2) Excellent low-toxic high-grade industrial solvent, suitable for high-grade coatings, inks, various polymer solvents:
• Good resin solitude.
• Moderately slow volatilization rate.
• Non-protonated solvent compatible with two component polyurethane systems.

1) Packed in 200 kg new steel drums, 80 drums/FCL.16000 KGS/FCL.
2) Packed in ISO Tank,21,000KGS/Tank packing.