Chloroprene Rubber
Synthetic chloroprene rubber
CAS 9010-98-4

Products Description

Synthetic chloroprene rubber
Chloroprene Rubber
CAS: 9010-98-4

Oil-resistant chloroprene rubber
Heat-resistant chloroprene rubber
Fire-resistant chloroprene rubber

Coveyer belt;
Power transmission belts;
Adhesive, paints;
Seals, auto parts;
Shock absorber;
Wire and cable sheathing;
Capsules, air cushion, lifeboat.

Key Chloroprene Rubber Worlrdwide market:
Dupont Chloroprene Rubber: GNA-M1, GNA-M2, W-M1, W, WHV-100, WHV, GW, AD-10, AD-20, AD-30, AD-40, SOFT AC, 842A, C84, ADG, GRT, WRTM1, WRT, WD;
Denka Chloroprene Rubber: PM-40(L), PM-40(H) , M-30, M-40, M-130L, M-130H, M-100, M-120, DCR-40, DCR-42A, DCR-66, A-30, A-70, A-90, A-90S, A-100, A-120, A-400, TA-85, PS-40, S-40V;
SKYPRENE Chloroprene Rubber: B-31, B-30, Y-30S, Y-30HA, Y-31, Y-30S, G41H, G40S-1, G40S, G40T, G66;
BAYPRENE Chloroprene Rubber: 710, 711, 211, 210, 243-1, 243-2, 253-1, 230, 243, 510, 310, 320, 320P, 330, 340, 350, 610, 116, 126

In 25kg bag net.
According to customer’s requirement.