AEO-8, AEO-9, AEO-15, AEO-16

Products Description

AEO Series (AEO-8, AEO-9, AEO-15, AEO-16)
Fatty alcohol polyoxyethylene ether
Non-ionic Surfactant
Milk white paste
Tariff Code: 340213
AEO-15 98%min

AEO Series (AEO-8, AEO-9, AEO-15, AEO-16) mainly used as solubilizer of volatile oil, emulsifier, textile detergent, penetrating agent, antistatic agent, dispersing agent, levelling agent, degreasing agent, refining agent, viscosity conditioning agent and brightening agent in electroplating industry.

Pack: 200KG/drum net
Shelf Life: 24 months