Products Description

Chemical Name: 4-Butylresorcinol
Synonyms: 4-n-Butylresorcinol, Rucinol;4-BUTYLRESORCINOL,1,3-Benzenediol,4-butyl-;4-phenylbutane-1,3-diol;4-N-BUTYLRESORCINOL;
CAS: 18979-61-8
Molecular Formula: C10H14O2
Molecular Weight: 166.22
Melting point: 50.0 to 55.0 °C
Boiling point: 166°C/7mmHg(lit.)

4-n-butylresorcinol(4-Butylresorcinol ) is one of the resorcinol derivatives, with an inhibitory effect on both tyrosinase and tyrosinase-related protein, and widely used as whitening & Skin-lightening Agent.

Packed in 1kg or 5kg bags;
Other packages are avaiable according to requirement.